Roma's annual Easter festival

Roma Queensland Australia

13th - 18th April 2017








Be Roma's Easter In the Country Wife Carrying Champion will be held at Basset Park on Easter Sunday morning. 

Competition starts straight after the Billy Cart Races.

Yep, you heard it - Wife Carrying!!!!!  New to Roma’s Easter In the Country full of fun and laughter.   Very popular in Northern England and Northern Europe wife carrying is also a growing sport in Australia and is now here in the Maranoa. 

Wife –carrying is what it says it is: the man carries a woman – preferably his wife – over an obstacle course.  The sport demands equal measures of humour and fortitude and, although not essential, the Wife Carrying World Championships organising body recommends carrying your own wife.  The concept has now grown and at many events husband and wife teams are in the minority.

According to international competition rules, the “wife” must weigh at least 49kg.  If she weighs less, the wife will be burdened with a heavy rucksack to bring the weight up to the competition minimum.  The World Championship organisers recommend a training routine that involves carrying your wife as part of “daily” routines: in the bath, in the supermarket, in the playground, at SNAP or PCYC.  So if you see this happening in the Maranoa you will know they are training for this event.

While strength might seem to be the clincher for winning this event, the style used to carry the “wife” is also very important.  Four styles of wife-carrying have emerged with the “Estonian” technique nominated as the most effective.  The current Australian Champion, Anthony Partridge says “forget the piggy back, it’s just hard work- and the fireman’s carry is murder”.  To pull off an effective Estonian Carry, Partridge recommends:

The husband and wife stand face to face.  The husband then bends down and puts his head between her legs, lifts her up so her body is lying down his back.  The wife’s legs should hang over the husband’s shoulders.  Her buttocks should now point to the heavens.  The wife’s thighs then grip the husband’s head.  While the Estonian is “not particularly flattering” for the wife, it allows the husband to concentrate on the course, rather than the carry.

Get into the fun and nominate early and be in it to win your wife's weight in XXXX Beer/cider.

Venue:  Basset Park and starting straight after the Billy Cart Races approx. 10:00 am

Admission:  FREE

First Prize is the weight of the female in XXXX beer/cider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nominate by emailing: