Market Stallholder - Terms & Conditions

1. The Saturday morning markets will commence at 7.00am until 2.00pm in Wyndham & Arthur Streets, Roma.

2. The Sunday morning markets will commence at 8.00am until 1.00pm at Bassett Park, Roma located on Northern Road.

3. All stallholders must maintain a high-quality presentation of products and stall layout.

4. Setting up of Saturday market stalls are not to commence prior to 4.30am Saturday.

5. Setting up of the Sunday market stalls can be undertaken if wished on the Saturday afternoon.

6. Any activity for, or against, or connected with the candidacy of any person(s) for office at Federal, State, or Local Government level, or for office in any organization is prohibited.

7. Location requests will be met where possible, but suitability and stall allocation decisions rest solely with Easter in the Country Inc.

8. Stallholders must be available to attend a site meeting at Roma Post Office Steps with the Market Coordinator on Good Friday
evening at 4pm or if you are going to be late or unable to attend the meeting please make contact with the Market Co-ordinator on 0459521196.

9. All fees must be paid with the purchase of the site on TryBooking through the Website. Fees will be refunded for pandemics however, fees will not be refunded if you choose not to turn up.

10. Should there be numerous markets selling the same product the Market Convenor will negotiate with all parties and make a decision on admittance to the markets.

11. Stallholders may not swap stall locations, or set up outside the designated stall area. Areas between stalls are public access ways and must be kept clear and open at all times.

12. Any umbrella, tent, awning or other structure erected by the stallholder, must be secured. Stallholders are responsible to ensure that any structure does not compromise the safety of the public.

Power & Equipment Requirements
Access to power is limited. If you require a powered site this must be indicated on your application. Powered sites incur an additional fee per site. It is the stallholder’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical appliances and leads are tagged by a qualified electrician and must be available for inspection at all times. Appliances that have not been tagged by a qualified electrician must not be used. Any leads placed across public thoroughfare ie footpaths must be covered with approved rubber matting and taped down with gaffer tape.

The Easter in the Country Committee is recommending that those requiring powered sites provide their own generator to power the site. If this does occur the site applied for should be an unpowered site. The generator noise must be kept to a minimum.

 All Stallholders must have Public Liability Insurance and a copy of the current insurance must be provided with the market application form.

Parking, Vehicles and Access:
No vehicles will be allowed to remain at the market stall sites unless they are being used to sell goods out of.

• Vehicles may enter the market site area to set up the stalls between the hours of 4.30am- 6.30am on the Saturday morning and leave the area by 7.00am.
• Stallholders parked in surrounding streets during the market should comply with parking and traffic regulations.
• Stallholders must pack up their stall prior to leaving the site on Saturday by 3pm and Sunday by 2pm

• Easter in the Country Inc reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any item.
• Stallholders must mark ALL Products on the Market Application Form – there needs to be coordination of products to ensure profit for all.
• If you sell goods bearing registered trademarks, which are not genuine products, you may be liable to damages and fines. The stallholder is responsible for any offences.
• All items for sale are to be either on a table or clothing rack – not on the ground unless they are furniture.

Marquees, Tables, Chair
• Stallholders are responsible for bringing and using their own marquees, tables, chairs. Easter in the Country Inc does not provide marquees, tables and chairs etc.

Waste & Rubbish Removal
• Stallholders are responsible to remove all their own rubbish, boxes and unwanted goods from the market site.

Festival Office, Staff & Volunteers
• Easter in the Country staff and volunteers are identified by a shirt marked “Official”

• The Easter in the Country Festival Country Markets are all-weather markets.
• It is the stallholder’s responsibility to provide his or her own protection from all weather conditions.

Emergency Services
• In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions from the Qld Police and State Emergency Service. Report all emergency incidents, no matter how small, to the Easter in the Country Markets Information Booth/official on site.

• A site map designating your site allocation will be available a fortnight prior to the event and will be forwarded to you via Email. If you do not have email then it will be available at the meeting.
• While every attempt will be made to maintain the same sites as allocated in 2019 there is no guarantee that this can occur as some changes to the format are likely in 2021 due to change in vendors.
• If you are receiving your emails on an electronic device, it may be difficult to view site plan. Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator regarding sites.

Easter in the Country Inc reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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