Easter in the Country COVID Information

The Easter in the Country Committee is committed to the highest level of COVID planning for its upcoming festival and appeal to all the attendees at the festival to assist in whatever way they can to keep each other safe.

We all have a personal responsibility to adhere to the public health principles which have contributed to so far a very healthy and safe environment in Queensland.  During the upcoming festival, the following public health messages will be both on display as well as being implemented through all activities within the festival.  

These include:

Social distancing
There will numerous signs to remind us to keep our distance and you will see COVID Ambassadors who will also remind us of this requirement.  MC’s will also use their microphones to remind us of these requirements.   There is plenty of space in our beautiful community so let’s use it and keep our distance.  Remember if you have to queue for a short period then check your space.  Every attempt will be made to minimise queuing in lines.

Each activity will have its own QR Code so if you have a mobile device, please register with the QR Code.  Where possible there will be a single entry and exit to avoid queuing and in these cases, every entry point will have a QR Code.  If you do not have a mobile device there will be registration lists at the gate where you can register.

Hand Sanitizing
Hand sanitizing stations will be available at the entry to and scattered around each activity – please make use of these.  They will be replaced during the activity to ensure an adequate supply of the product.  3000 small EITC bottles will be distributed for the event.

Cleaning/Rubbish Removal
Where there are amenities, two-hourly cleaning has been arranged.  This includes the camping grounds.

Remember if you feel unwell at any stage during the event and display the COVID symptoms go directly to the Roma Hospital for testing.  The contact phone number for the Roma Hospital is (07) 46242700.

A level 2 COVID Plan has been submitted to Queensland Health for approval and once this is approved the Certificate of Compliance will be loaded onto this site.

Thank you for reading these requirements and we hope everyone enjoys a fun-filled and safe Easter in Roma in 2021.

Please note: The Easter in the Country Festival has a 100% refund policy to all pre-paid tickets if you are not able to attend due to the current COVID restrictions and requirements.

Management of the Easter in the Country Festival